Our medical marijuana concentrates are pure, handcrafted and made without chemical solvents.

BaM in Nevada to offers rosin, a 100% pure, solvent-free hash oil. Rosin is extracted using only heat and pressure, resulting in the purest, highest-potency and (in our opinion) tastiest concentrate you can find.

See the video below on how rosin is made and how to use it.

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Banana Tangie

Indica dominant hybrid with a fruity frangrance

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Sequoia Strawberry Shatter

White Strawberry X White Nightmare
Focus and feel good doing it! Providing an energetic effect mixed with a relaxing feel.

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Gorilla Glue No. 4

Potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy euphoria and relaxation

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True Power

True OG x Blue Power
Indica Dominant Hybrid

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True OG x Blue Power Budder

thick, long-lasting high and powerful aroma

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Sin Valley OG Shatter

An indica-leaning hybrid with a well-balanced high

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Banana Tangie Dry Sift Rosin

enhances creativity & uplifts the mind. Effects allow you to forget about stress and anxiety, making it easier to focus.

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We also offer:

Ice Wax Made with only water and ice for pure, high-quality concentrates.
Dry Sift Sifted through filter screens
BHO (Butane Hash Oil) Our BHO products run through a closed-loop BHO system. Products include Shatter, Sugar and Distillate

Ice Wax, Dry Sift, and Rosin are available from our THC medical marijuana strains. Pure topicals and oils are available from our Thunderstruck CBD strain.

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Diverse spectrum of colors, amazing quality and complex aromas of truly dank weed that screams, “pick me!”

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Distillate infused treats that are satisfying to eat! Discreet and convenient these edibles are sure to uplift your day!

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Easily shared among friends, our FULL GRAM pre-rolls come from hand trimmed A Grade Buds.

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Carts & Vapes

High quality distillate. Compact, convenient & discreet solutions for people who medicate on the go.

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