About Body and Mind

About BaM Cannabis, About BaM

“The Perfect Balance of Body and Mind.”

For us, it’s more than a name. It’s more than a slogan. It’s what we strive for in every strain we grow and every product we make.

From our plant genetics, to our commitment to hand crafted, natural growing, to our state-of-the-art facilities, everything we do is designed to give you cannabis with the balanced benefits you want.

The BaM Story

It’s starts with our award-winning cannabis strains.  For several years, we’ve collected elite cannabis plants from all over the world.  Some had just the right body benefits.  Some had just the right mind benefits.  By carefully crossbreeding these plants, we’ve developed strains that strive to give you the perfect balance of body and mind benefits.  We take these amazing strains and grow them naturally, in small batches, without the use of synthetic pesticides.  Every product is handcrafted and lab tested to ensure purity and potency.  The result is high quality you can see—before you even try the product.

As we grew in Nevada and saw attitudes change around legal medical and adult use cannabis, we searched for opportunities in other limited license markets and states. Body and Mind leveraged knowledge of cultivation, processing and license application and applied for licenses throughout numerous other locations. Our team constantly looks for new opportunities in legal markets and regularly applies for licenses, reviews acquisitions and new opportunities to expand Body and Mind brands.

About BaM Cannabis, About BaM
About BaM Cannabis, About BaM

Hand Crafted Quality You Can See

About BaM Cannabis, About BaM

Beautiful, deep colors. Big, dense buds covered in crystals. A sweet, distinct aroma for every strain. You can tell the quality of our marijuana.

How do we do it?

Body and Mind cannabis is lovingly grown in small batches. Each plant receives one-on-one care from our master growers, with watering and trimming by hand.

Our plants are grown naturally, without the use of synthetic pesticides. And of course we start with what we believe to be some the finest genetics in the world—the award-winning strains of Sin City Seeds.

Try Body and Mind and you’ll see it’s as good as it looks.

Our Natural Grow Commitment

About BaM Cannabis, About BaM

• Body and Mind quality marijuana is grown naturally

• We will never use synthetic pesticides

• Every batch is lab tested to ensure it is potent and free of contaminants

Our Facility and Team

About BaM Cannabis, About BaM

Body and Mind cannabis is grown in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facilities. Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored to ensure optimal growing conditions.

But even more important than our facility is the team who grows our plants.

Our master growers and geneticist
have been working together for more than a decade, and share a commitment to hand-crafted cannabis of the highest quality. They have personally trained all staff involved in cultivation and production. Just another reason why you can count on Body and Mind for consistent quality and potency.

About BaM Cannabis, About BaM

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